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Have you ever wondered why a group of people who witness the same incident can have vastly different views of, and reactions to, what has just taken place? 

How is it they think differently than you do about the most basic truths?

The study of the Enneagram of Personality can begin to teach you the truths of who we all are. The system speaks to the diversity of thinking, feeling, and actions of the human condition. The Enneagram offers a map of the psychological and spiritual dimensions of nine different Personality Types.

The Enneagram describes nine points of view of the world—nine versions of reality that human beings live out during their lifetimes. Truly knowing yourself and others allows you greater understanding and freedom to live the kind of life you were meant to live.

Toni Marie Clifton works with the process of mindfulness to teach the use of attention, focus, and intuition to unravel these patterns that rule our lives. She teaches the Enneagram to individuals and groups, offering workshops, seminars, classes, and individual sessions.

This Month's Message From Toni Marie
Often one asks, "What does the ego have to do with spirituality?" Some will say the ego must be destroyed, done away with, as it gets in the way of living a spiritual life ...
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Panels DVD's Are Available!
A series of 10 DVD's presenting each of the nine Types with panels of exemplars that introduce the characteristics of the type.

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