Using the power of knowledge to transform and heal

On-going Study Groups:

The journey of self-discovery is best taken in the company of fellow travelers who thirst for the same experience. The Study Group uses the Enneagram as a basis for working with the “human condition”—our anger, fears, doubts, sorrows as well as our joys, desires, and other unexpressed needs and feelings.

You will learn how to "watch yourself" by using a technique of detachment that allows you to observe your thoughts and feelings. You will observe patterns of interaction that allow you to choose—rather than simply react—to your family, friends, co-workers.

These groups meet for 2 hours twice a month. Please contact Toni Marie for further details.
Cost: $25 per meeting


The Enneagram is a rich tool for exploration and growth. These groups meet for a day to focus on different teachings of the Enneagram as well as an exploration of specific “types of the day”.

Gatherings are highly interactive one-day groups, with participants exchanging ideas and experiences. Toni Marie serves as a guide and facilitator.
Cost: $75

"Enneagram Study Groups provide a safe and intimate incubator that allows one to do deep personal work. Using the framework of the Enneagram, I am able to see my patterns through the eyes of compassion and love and having others in the group who are on the same journey continues to remind me of the gifts of the 'human condition'.

Toni Marie is a wonderful guide in leading me to discover these unobserved patterns in my lfe. In my spiritual journey of 30 plus years, I have encountered many different approaches and teachers. More than any other, my work with Toni Marie has allowed me to settle into myself and create more positive shifts and joy in my life.

Ginga Cox
Small Business Owner
Southport, NC

"In the Study Group I've been involved with for 5 years, Toni Marie has been our educator, moderator, mediator and counselor throughtout, providing a safe environment as our essence is revealed and examined, and re-examined. Toni Marie uses her vast knowledge of the Enneagram and experience as a counselor to individualize our learning/lessons in guiding each of us in our personal growth."

Sally Elmo
Healing Touch Practitioner
Oak Island, NC