Using the power of knowledge to transform and heal

One-day workshop:

In the one day workshop we explore this ancient mystery teaching to learn how it can be used as a tool for self-discovery. The Enneagram comes from a tradition that provides a vision of our larger human purpose and a map for realizing it. We will see how it reveals deep and powerful truths that have been lost to us for centuries.

We will also investigate the symbol, itself, as it too has secrets to reveal and informs us of the three centers of intelligence that subtly run our life.

We will touch on each of the nine personality types to see what patterns rule each of the types. We will learn these patterns are formed by where we place our attention. As the study of the Enneagram is the study of attention we will understand that where we place our attention is the key to transformation.

Cost: $80

Two-day Workshop:

Participants will explore each of the nine Types through a process of DVDs, didactic and experiential exercises. The group will discuss the natural strengths of each world-view and observe the places where support can be most effective. If we can understand how others see themselves, then we can tailor our message, remarks, and techniques to the values of the individual.

  • Personal observation exercises will assist each person in learning about their individual personality type. 
  • Participants will gain insight into their own personal worldview and learn how to “work with the personality” for a more informed way of living. 
  • Learning one’s own Personality Type can lead to a different understanding of how to be with others in a more rewarding and effective way.

Cost: $150

Specifically Designed Weekend Workshop

The Enneagram is non-denominational: the tool reveals basic spiritual truths that can be experienced by people from any religion or path. Like prayer, meditation, and charitable works, the practice of being self-reflective fostered by the Enneagram is part of the fabric of a spiritual life.

Understanding our “specific” worldview—our Personality Type—we can observe that which stands between us and the Divine. The highest form of honoring the Self is “inquiry.” Self-inquiry is an investigation into one’s own true nature. In this way, the Enneagram is not only a tool to study the intricacies of our personalities, but an instrument for spiritual growth and development. Understanding the personality type can help the individual identify obstacles to compassion, contentment, and connection.

Given this gift of the Enneagram, Toni Marie offers specifically designed weekends for definitive groups such as:

  • Chaplaincy Programs and Training Programs
  • Organizations seeking Spiritual Guidance
  • Service Oriented Groups.

Having worked extensively with Chaplaincy and Pastoral training programs and other service-oriented groups, Toni Marie appreciates the unique requirements for those called to these professions. To these groups, she offers a tool for creative spiritual evolution.

Other definitive groups she has worked with are

  • Medical professionals 
  • Therapist 
  • Enneagram Teachers

These are just examples of the various groups utilizing this format.

This weekend workshop will include a Friday evening and separate 1:1 sessions with Toni Marie Clifton with each participant.

The group size averages 10-15 participants. For a larger or smaller groups, please contact Toni Marie.

Cost: $1,500 (plus expenses) for group

"Toni Marie is not only a gifted and insightful teacher, but also a great facilitator. It’s rare to find someone who is talented at both. Her ability to facilitate group process is the best I’ve ever seen."

Rev. Carrie Buckner, BCC
Director, Chaplaincy Services
ACPE Supervisor
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Berkley, California