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Teaching the Enneagram through Personal Stories

One of the most powerful tools for learning about the Enneagram system of personality is the exemplar panel—a panel of people of the same type sharing their stories. By observing panelists sharing their patterns of thought, feelings and behavior, and making inquiry to help us understand their world view, we learn about the eight other ways of being in the world as well as our own.

While even those within a Type will vary considerably in their appearance, occupations, and interests, a well-facilitated panel discussion allows the consistent underlying preoccupations of the Type to surface, demonstrating the shared qualities that distinguish that Personality Type from the other eight.

The Enneagram was originally taught through The Narrative Tradition. Honoring The Narrative Tradition of learning, Toni Marie has created a DVD series that allows you to view such a process. The DVDs offer an introduction to the Enneagram and a study of each of the Types. People watching these DVDs have commented on how moved they were by witnessing the honesty and vulnerability of the panelists.

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How to use the DVD'S

Individuals, teachers, and therapists can use the panels in a variety of ways.

  • Individuals use the DVDs to learn more about the Enneagram and to aid in determining their own Type as well as the Types of their family, friends, and co-workers.
  • After learning their Type, individuals can use the panels for further self-discovery and improving personal relationships.
  • Teachers and therapists can use them to understand the subtle distinctions between “look-alike” Types
  • Therapists can use the panels to teach about the Enneagram, helping clients discover their own Type for continued self-discovery.
  • Teachers can use the panels for small or large groups; the DVDs are a valuable tool for study groups and workshops.
  • Teachers can use the panels for one-to-one sessions with students and clients.

"Each story gives subtle insight into the world of the nine Types. Whether you are a long time student of the Enneagram or are discovering it for the first time, you will laugh and cry your way through these compelling stories and come away understanding yourself and others better. Enneagram teachers, these are the tapes you have been waiting for!"

Ken Gregg, Fine Arts Photographer
Carmel, California

"As a minister, a new world opened for me when I first saw … Enneagram panels facilitated by Toni Marie Clifton."

John Merrill
Fairfax, California