Using the power of knowledge to transform and heal

Ever wonder how others can see life so differently than you?

Have you ever wondered why a group of people who witness the same incident can have vastly different views and reactions to what has taken place?
The study of the Enneagram of Personality can tell us....

How is it that others think differently than you do about the most basic truths?
The study of the Enneagram of Personality can tell us....

This personality system speaks to the diversity of thinking, feeling, and actions of the human condition. The Enneagram is a mapping of the internal life of each of us and speaks to the motivations of “why we do what we do, think like we think and feel like we feel”. We are not arbitrary in these regards; we have set patterns in our daily life. What we take for granted about ourselves is the key to knowing who we are and how we might change the things we want to change.

Toni Marie Clifton works with the process of mindfulness to teach the use of attention, focus, and intuition to unravel the patterns that rule our lives. She teaches the Enneagram to individuals and groups, offering workshops, seminars, classes, and individual sessions.

This Month's Message
from Toni Marie

Starting in January, 2020, I will be doing seminars on each of the nine Enneagram Types. The first viewing in January was very successful! We reviewed the Type 2, one of the first Image Types.

On February 23rd, 3-5 pm, we will be viewing the second of the Image Types. The first hour will be viewing the Type 3  panel of exemplars and the second hour will be discussion and questions. The cost is $10.

If you are interested, please call
(910) 933-9305 for the location and any questions you may have.

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