Workshops for Therapists and Medical Professionals

The Enneagram provides a window into the desires and aspirations as well as the needs and fears that drive all of us. As such, it is a rich source of understanding for people in the helping professions, including therapists, doctors, nurses, and hospice care providers.

Therapists can use their increased understanding of personality to be more effective in helping clients become more self-reflective and aware of how their patterns motivate their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Doctors, nurses, hospice workers, and other medical professionals can use the Enneagram to deal more effectively with patients and their families, and clients in pain, anxiety, or crisis. When we understand why people react the way they do, medical professionals have a better understanding of how to meet client/patient needs.

Additionally, the Enneagram can help bring about dramatic changes in group dynamics when working with teams in a professional setting. It can aid in removing judgments through misunderstandings, and help members of the group to see more clearly the dynamics involved. This is extremely important with groups working in emotionally charged situations involve issues of life and death

Toni Marie has taught the Enneagram to therapists for more than 18 years, helping her colleagues in the profession enjoy the benefits of this tool in their own practices. She has also brought Enneagram trainings to professional medical groups, such as the Clinical Operations team at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, California, helping them streamline their communications and make their team more effective.



What to Expect in a Two-day Workshop

The workshop structure is outlined on the Working with Groups page; many groups find it useful to schedule a follow-up session as well. Individual workshop participants can also follow-up with private sessions with Toni Marie (see “Follow-up Work).


Workshops can be offered in your area. For more information, please contact Toni Marie


$2,800 for weekend plus expenses.