Teambuilding and Business Dynamics workshops

In the workplace, each of us brings our own expectations, assumptions, and perspective on how things should be done. We then bump up against the reality of our colleagues, and their set of expectations, assumptions, and perspectives. These differences can either serve—or not serve—the group. When working well, a group can experience creative interactions and rewarding results of the time spent together. In some cases, however, differences can lead to discord, low morale, and poor productivity. These dynamics can often be diffused by an understanding of the Enneagram.

Helping workers recognize and appreciate the nine Personality Types and their particular views of reality allows management to strengthen the team-building process, open up channels of two-way communications, and help assess critical issues facing the company in an objective yet effective way.

Managers in particular may benefit from insights into the way the pattern of the Type may be influencing an employee.  Knowledge of the Enneagram Type is helpful in identifying more effective ways to manage that individual in the group process.

The Enneagram can also be instrumental in identifying the corporate “personality” of a company—the corporate culture as a reflection of key individuals in its founding—and give insight into how this “corporate personality” impacts productivity, administration, strategic decisions, and management styles.



What to Expect in a Two-day Workshop

The workshop structure is outlined on the Working with Groups page. Most companies schedule a follow-up session to maximize the value of the training and reinforce new skills and information. Individual coaching sessions are also available with Toni Marie.


Workshops are available and can be customized to your business, agency, or organization. For more information, please contact Toni Marie