Enneagram Subtypes Workshop

Each Enneagram Type—Points One through Nine—has hidden aspects of the personality that manifest in one of three areas of life:

  • The Self-Preservation Subtype
  • The One-to-One (or Intimate) Subtype
  • The Social Subtype

The subtype study is comparable to attending “graduate school” in Enneagram terms. To fully utilize the knowledge of the Enneagram for personal or professional growth, knowing your Subtype is as important as knowing your Type.

The subtype can tell us how we substitute our “real” needs with activity. The Self-Preservation Subtype attempts to feel secure through filling life with material things (food, clothes, money). The One-to-One Subtype seeks relationships with things (dishes, cars, houses, projects) or people as a way to feel connected. The Social Subtype seeks out various social groups to join as a way to feel included.

Working with your subtype will help you understand where to focus your attention to break age-old patterns of the personality. This experiential workshop will show you how to use the subtype as a shortcut to discover hidden aspects of your personality. 


What to Expect from a Subtype Workshop

This workshop is offered as a one-day or two day workshop depending upon the desired depth of study.


The Subtype workshop is offered to groups who have already had an introductory workshop with Toni Marie and would like to explore the Enneagram in more depth i.e., Enneagram introductory Workshop (Chaplaincy, Teambuilding or other workshop offered by Toni Marie) and knowledge of your type.


To request a workshop in your area, please contact Toni Marie.


One day workshop—$1,200; two day workshop—$2,400.
For a small group of private individuals, please call for prices.