Workshops and Individual Work

Toni Marie offers private sessions with individual, couples.  She also offers coaching for business professionals.

One-on-One "Island" Intensives

Whether it's a time of a crisis, or simply time for you to take a personal inventory, a 3-day Intensive can be tailored specifically for your needs, allowing you to observe your patterns and determine steps to take to help shift those patterns. In addition to intensive, one-on-one process work, Toni Marie will use a variety of techniques to work with patterns and self expression: art, dream work, meditation, journaling, and divination.  Experience all of this, plus the healing benefits of a beautiful island.  (The beach is only 3-minute walk away!) 

More information: See flyer

Individual Sessions

While there are nine personality patterns, each individual’s passage is unique. In one-on-one sessions, you will learn how to use your attention, focus, and intuition to unravel the beliefs that rule your life. Learn how to observe your thoughts and feelings through your work with the Enneagram. Understand that you have true choice in your life and can shift your attention from being mired in destructive patterns to exercising new options in your responses to your feelings and to the world around you.

Cost: $100/hour

Couple’s Sessions

In a relationship each of us brings our own perspective of how life is and what love means. Each person also brings the patterns of their Personality Type. In couple's sessions, we will use the perspective of each partner to explore a third, shared path. Couples will work on new ways of relating where both people feel seen, honored, and cared about.

Cost: $125/hour

Professional Coaching

In the workplace, the Enneagram can help individuals more objectively reflect on their style of communication, develop problem solving skills, learn to manage others more successfully, and understand the ways their own behavior may restrict their opportunities. Individuals employ personal coaching to achieve greater flexibility, effectiveness, and accountability. Managers may use the Enneagram to understand how employees' patterns may be influencing their reactions or behaviors; knowledge of the Personality Types helps the manager discover more effective ways to work with those employees.

Individual coaching of participants can also be a follow-up to Toni Marie’s corporate teambuilding work.

Cost: $150/hour


“Toni Marie is not only a gifted and insightful teacher, but also a great facilitator. It’s rare to find someone who is talented at both.  Her ability to facilitate group process is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Rev. Carrie Buckner, BCC
Director, Chaplaincy Services
ACPE Supervisor
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center