Work with Groups

Toni Marie offers a variety of two-day workshops in the Enneagram:

Chaplaincy Training workshops
Workshops for Therapists and Medical Professionals
Teambuilding and Business Dynamics workshops
Subtypes workshops
Yearlong Connections Group
Gatherings Groups

What to Expect in a Two-day Workshop

Participants will explore each of the nine Types through a process of film, didactic and experiential exercises. The group will discuss the natural strengths of each world-view and observe the places where support can be most effective. If we can understand how others see themselves, then we can tailor our message, remarks, and techniques to the values of the individual.

  • Personal observation exercises will assist each person in learning about their individual personality type.
  • Participants will gain insight into their own personal worldview and learn how to “work with the personality” for a more informed way of living.
  • Learning one’s own Personality Type can lead to a different understanding of how to be with others in a more rewarding and effective way.
  • Participants will be given the opportunity for a one-to-one session with Toni Marie Clifton

Follow-up work

Many groups find they benefit from a one-day follow-up session. Follow-up sessions often help to consolidate the teachings and aid in incorporating the material in the work group or in important working relationships.

As well as follow-up sessions with groups it is often helpful to schedule individual sessions with Toni Marie. This may involve working with one or more people who request assistance in a specific working relationship.

In business environments, directors and supervisors often ask for extended sessions as a way to receive coaching in a continued effort in leading a successful team.

In the Chaplaincy workshops, individuals may wish to pursue further training in the Enneagram as a tool for self-reflection.

Group size

Workshop size is limited to 20. Due to the high level of interactive exercises and group participation, larger groups will require an additional day, or can be divided into two groups.


"As a minister, a new world opened for me when I first saw … Enneagram panels facilitated by Toni Marie Clifton."

John Merrill
Fairfax, California