The Enneagram is a rich tool for exploration and growth. Toni Marie facilitates Gathering groups, which meet for a day to focus on a particular aspect of the Enneagram, such as:

  • The Passions (the essential energies that drive each Type)
  • The Virtues (the Passion of the Type transformed into its more beneficial state)
  • The Enneagram in Personal relationships
  • The Enneagram and our relationship with money
  • A focus on one of the three Subtypes (Self-Preservations, One-to-One, or Social)
  • The Enneagram and Work (Career)


What to Expect at a Gathering Group

Gatherings are highly interactive one-day groups, with participants exchanging ideas and experiences. Toni Marie serves as a guide and facilitator.

Gathering groups are usually offered in one participant’s home, with all group members bringing food to share for lunch.


To request a Gatherings Group in your area, please contact Toni Marie.