Connections: A Year-Long Group

It is not always easy to know who we are. Finding the answer to this question becomes our spiritual quest. Connections is a yearlong group experience that offers a way to connect with the authentic Self. This group setting provides a safe place to explore how you connect with others in the external world and, in return, how you connect with your personal internal world. Once you connect with that still point within, you can be with others in a more meaningful way.

This journey is best taken in the company of fellow travelers who thirst for the same experience. The Connections group uses the Enneagram as a basis for working with the “human condition”—our anger, fears, doubts, sorrows as well as our joys, desires, and other unexpressed needs and feelings.

In this group, you’ll learn how to "watch yourself" by using a technique of detachment that allows you to observe your thoughts and feelings. You will learn patterns of interaction that allow you to choose—rather than simply react—to your family, friends, co-workers.


How it Works

Participants meet for four residential weekends plus eight evening classes throughout the year. Meeting in this way allows for a depth and richness of experience to evolve for the individual and the group that is truly transformational. Dates are determined by group consensus, so potential candidates are advised to determine if they have time available to participate in the group.


Admission to the Connections Group requires an interview with Toni Marie.


Currently, there is a connections group located in the San Francisco Bay Area. To initiate a Connections Group in your area, please contact Toni Marie.