Workshops for Chaplaincy/Pastoral Training Programs

Understanding our “specific” worldview—our Personality Type—we can observe that which stands between ourselves and the Divine. The highest form of honoring the Self is “inquiry.” Self-inquiry is an investigation into one’s own true nature. In this way, the Enneagram is not only a tool to study the intricacies of our personalities, but an instrument for spiritual growth and development. Understanding the personality type can help the individual identify obstacles to compassion, contentment, and connection.

The Enneagram is non-denominational: the tool reveals basic spiritual truths that can be experienced by people from any religion or path. Like prayer, meditation, and charitable works, the practice of being self-reflective fostered by the Enneagram is part of the fabric of a spiritual life.

Knowledge of the Enneagram Personality System is extremely helpful to Chaplains when working with families of patients as well as the patient. When we understand why people react the way they do, we have a better understanding of how to meet their needs.

Toni Marie has worked extensively with Chaplaincy and Pastoral training programs and appreciates the unique requirements for those called to this profession. To these groups, she offers a tool for creative spiritual evolution.



What to Expect in a Two-day Workshop

The workshop structure is outlined on the Working with Groups page; many groups find it useful to schedule a follow-up session as well. Individual workshop participants can also follow-up with private sessions with Toni Marie (see Follow-up Work).


Workshops can be offered in your area. For more information, please contact Toni Marie


$2,800 for weekend plus expenses.