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The ten-part DVD series includes a DVD for each of the nine different Types described by the Enneagram Personality System, plus an introductory DVD.

Introduction to the Enneagram: The Nine Paths (25 minutes)

This Introductory Video presents an overview of the Enneagram Personality System. This DVD discusses basic Personality Types and describes what the Type looks like when in stress and when feeling relaxed, giving us insight into the multiple patterns that rule our lives. Learn how the study of this system can change your life. Note: It works best to view this DVD before viewing a specific Type panel.

The Nine Types (each DVD is 60 - 70 minutes)

Each individual DVD is dedicated to one Personality Type and includes a panel of three to five exemplars. All nine panels discuss life experiences as seen through the Exemplar's specific worldview of Type. They speak of the challenges and benefits of their Personality Type and share their insights of how their internal process unfolds. Toni Marie moderates each panel, identifying specific characteristics of the Type.

Visit About the Enneagram to learn more about the system of personality, or use the links below to explore a specific Type.

Type One: The Perfectionist Type Four: The Romantic Type Seven: The Epicure
Type Two: The Giver Type Five: The Observer Type Eight: The Protector/Boss
Type Three: The Performer Type Six: The Loyal Skeptic Type Nine: The Mediator


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Ten DVDs (full set)
Introduction to the Enneagram plus all nine Type DVDs.
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