Workshops and Individual Work

The Enneagram is a practical, common-sense tool that can be employed for problem solving and team dynamics, as well as for personal self-discovery.

The ability to observe our “inner world” of thoughts, feelings, and sensations is key to understanding our personality type and how we perceive what is happening in the “outer world”—everyday reality as we call it. Our first order of business in personal self-discovery is to explore this “inner world” using a method of self-observation. This method invites us to question the very basis of our tightly held beliefs.

Self-observation, in turn, triggers curiosity about what makes us tick and who we truly are. This is a vital part of the personal work—when we are being curious about our own reactions we are not judging, doubting, blaming, shaming, etc. Once we begin to understand ourselves in a more conscious way, we have an avenue for understanding others. We begin to realize that other people have their own beliefs of how the world operates, and these can be very different than our own.

Because of these different worldviews, we can have either very satisfying relationships—or more troubled ones—depending upon how our viewpoints are aligned or clash with one other. In business settings, these differences can account for very effective teams—or teams with a large amount of discord where very little gets resolved.

Toni Marie Clifton works with both groups and individuals to discover the patterns of the personality that determine our worldview—our understanding of “reality.” She helps the client develop the ability to distinguish between times when the personality pattern serves, and when it does not. Armed with this skill, one is better able to make different decisions for a more conscious and rewarding life.



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"Working with Toni Marie over the years has completely changed my life. By doing ‘the work,’ I've developed more consciousness, greater clarity and, most importantly, a deeper connection to myself… I am deeply grateful for Toni Marie's guidance. She is an extremely gifted teacher with an amazing ability to see the truth."

Harry Hunt, Financial Analyst
Marin County, California