Message from Toni Marie


Often one asks, "What does the ego have to do with spirituality?" Some will say the ego must be destroyed, done away with, as it gets in the way of living a spiritual life. In our early years, our consciousness gets structured and organized in such a way that we develop a certain sense of self.  We individuate and begin to establish an identity that we call the "ego" or personality.  It is essential to develop this personality as it assists us in learning how to live in the world and it also sets the stage for finding our spiritual nature.

By exploring the nature of our personality, we can be led to understand the meaning of our life's purpose.  Through this exploration, we can become integrated with our essential nature.  For example, someone who has issues with relationships may find, through exploring their deeper issues, that their search for partner is in fact a search for their own connection with self, a search that will lead them to the unity and oneness of their true nature.




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