About the Director

TONI MARIE CLIFTON, MPH, the Director of the Enneagram Center, has 35 years experience in mental health. She trained in both analytical psychology and social work, and continued her studies with such notable teachers as Virginia Satir, Brugh Joy, Angeles Arrien, Hamid Ali (A. H. Almaas) and Mother Meera. Combining her in-depth knowledge of the Enneagram with her broad ranging studies in both psychology and philosophy, she is able to offer a very grounded and insightful way of working with life patterns.

Originally from North Carolina, where she co-created and directed an innovative inpatient treatment program that became a model for many mental health communities, Toni Marie moved to California in 1986 and began her study of the Enneagram in the first study group offered by Helen Palmer and David Daniels. She attained her certification through Helen Palmer in 1988 and was appointed to the Board of Directors that established the Professional Enneagram Certification Training.

Since then, Toni Marie has taught the Enneagram throughout North America and abroad and established the Enneagram Center in Marin County, CA. Her private practice includes business consulting, chaplaincy program training, couples, individuals, and ongoing workshops and study groups. She is a well-respected speaker and has presented at both International and National Enneagram Association Conferences; she has also facilitated exemplar panels for IEA Conferences.

In 2003, Toni Marie expanded her practice to the East Coast, returning to North Carolina. She now operates the Enneagram Center on both sides of the country, traveling to workshops across the US, and providing individual and couple’s counseling and business coaching via phone sessions.


"The Enneagram is a gift to us all. Toni-Marie Clifton is a gift to the Enneagram. Pouring her years of experience into this labor of love, she brings these ancient teachings to life in a fresh and profound way."

Frank De Luca, Ph.D., MFT
San Francisco, California